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    I don't have a case for my Treo yet. I was wondering if anyone had recs about clear screen protectors. Palm sells a pack of 13 for $15, and Treocentral sells their own variety at 3 for $15. Any thoughts?
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    I got the BoxWave ClearTouch screen protectors. Very nice. I like the anti-glare feature very much.
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    Agreed. The Boxwave is hands down the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thewildman
    Agreed. The Boxwave is hands down the best.
    Buy Treocentral store's screen protectors. I have bought a Boxwave and the protector from the Treocentral store, and they are identical as far as I can tell, but the Boxwaves are more money.
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    What about Boxwave's ClearTouch Crystal protector?
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    I just purchased a Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal and am 110% pleased with the results. Ive read many complaints about installing the product, there are even some dedicated "techniques" that users have posted regarding placing the protector in correctly, but when I gave it a go it was by far the EASIEST protector to place!

    And the quality... Superior. It makes the colors of the screen pop out and gives it a glass-like look and feel. I wouldnt choose any other brand.
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    Agree completely with The Truth. Boxwave's ClearTouch Crystal is hands down THE BEST protector I've ever used!! To add to it, it's also THE EASIEST to install. It is thicker and heavier than most other screen protectors, and I was afraid it would dim the screen or affect the touchscreen functionality because of this, but once it's on, it's like there's nothing on the screen! I love this, and it's worth every cent.
    BTW, I don't work for Boxwave :-)
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    Boxwave Crystal was the third screen protector I tried...just put it on, and it is GREAT. Of course I seem to have learned a lot about applying these after trying the other two brands...which helped. BTW, I got a really good price on the Boxwave on their website (3/$18.95).
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    I vote for Martin Fields screen protectors. Its like a thin piece of invisible glass. Removable, washable, reusable. I'll never take a chance on another brand.
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    $0.75 sheet of transparancy.

    I cant buy a tiny sqaure of plastic for $10 plus when the above does the job for much less.
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    I use G2s from I've had the same one on for more than 6 months. I have removed it several times, washed it and reused it.

    Do a sreach before buying. At one time they were having email problems (upsetting some users of this forum) but I beleive this has been resolved. I've never had a problem & would probably buy again.

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    Sorry if this was answered before:

    Back in 2003 I ordered a 3-pack of Boxwave's Clear touch screen protectors for my Treo 600. Will these babies fit the T650 without any modifications?
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    Yes, the screens are the same size on the 600 & 650.
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    RightWrite used to be pretty popular. No one use those any more?

    Also, how do you clean your screen prior to installing your screen protector? I tried small alcohol wipes last time but still ended up with a couple tiny hairs under the plastic making bubbles. Was thinking about looking at lens cleaners for cameras next but thought I,d ask here first.


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