I currently have 2 pop accounts that retrieve/send my mail. I get it downloaded on my mac using entourage. All my folders are set up for this mail.
I also have a yahoo account that I use. I go on the web for this one.

I would like to, if possible, convert? all of this business into one web based spot (folders, mail, organization) so that 1. I don't have to download it unless I want to from either my treo or my mac and 2. I can have access to emails from any device.

Here's what I don't know (amongst alot of other things) Do I have to convert these accounts to something else? Where do I go/what do I use that will allow me to see this web based account and will I be able to send/reply with the me@whatever.com account that the person originally sent mail to?

I have no clue how to even make sense of how to set this up. And keep each account seperate and organized. I'd hate to have to go to three web based portals...
I use earthlink as my provider and have an account through my work.
I hope this is clear..

Thanks for any help