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    This has been driving me nuts. Is there a simple way to send a file from my laptop to my treo via IR? When I line up the IR ports my XP box doesn't see the treo so it sits there passivley. At the same time, so does my treo.
    The only way I have found to get this to work is to start an outgoing beam from my treo of a small file, then my laptop recognizes it. I can then send a file over as long as I don't cancel the download of the other small file. Basically you can't accept or cancel the original file or the treo turns off its beam connection.
    And yes my Beam Recieve is set to On.
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    Hmm - my laptop recognizes the Treo (or any other IR device) when the IR windows are anywhere near each other, and the infrared connection icon appears on the desktop. I haven't tried beaming files that way as my current laptop has Bluetooth.
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    I've noticed that as well OP but didn't take the time to play with it to figure it out...
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    I finally found a solution. You have to be on a specific screen in order for the IR to start up. My favorite is to be on the main screen of Filez, the cool, free file and RAM browser.
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    That's weird. I sometimes have the IR connection initiated accindentally just because my Treo's near my laptop, and it doesn't matter what screen I'm on. I use IR often. It's very convenient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbrossard
    When I line up the IR ports my XP box doesn't see the treo so it sits there passivley.
    I have the same problem. Can't get XP to initiate a transfer without sending something from the Treo. I assume it is an XP issue as I have no problems beaming between Treo's.
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    I'm using XP Pro, SP2, and it picks up the IR signal as soon as I lay the Treo down in front of the IR dongle.

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