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    When I click on the home button my my ATTWS Treo I am taken to the "Main" screen. Am I imaginging things or should clicking on it again take me to the new folder and scroll through to the other folders like system and games...etc?
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    The Home button should take you back to the last app launcher screen you were using. Subsequent presses should step you through each of the categories that are setup. Of course, if you're using a 3rd-party launcher, the behaviour may be different.
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    So if I have for instance Main, Games and System as categories, everytime I push home it should scroll through them right? Mine for some reason no onger does that even after I just did a soft reset. Any suggestions?
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    Did you install any third party launchers recently?
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    I had LauncherX a few days ago but deleted it. I have done a hard reset and the function comes back but when I re-sync I have a problem again. I am taking all 3rd party apps off and trying to load one by one to see who is causing the problem.
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    I tried using zlauncher to see how it was the other day, uninstalled it and now have this problem on my T600. Any 'fix'? I used uninstall manager to get ride of zlauncer but the folder on the sd card didnt delete for whatever reason, and then it soft reset.

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