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    I can receive email on my POP account setup in versamail but I cannot send them. SprintPCS support claims that my service provider won't accecpt outgoing mail, but my company doesn't have any restrictions what so ever who/what can use server (unsafe I know, but it shouldn't prevent me from sending emails from an outside source).
    Anythoughts on what to do here?
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    I have the same problem with my personal email-- have it via Outlook, too, not a Treo issue.

    Use your personal ISP's outgoing server- should work fine
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    I tried switching to sprintPCS as my outgoing server and still nothing happens. The emails used to bounce back when I was using my companies server, when I switched to sprint's they don't get bounced back...they just don't get delivered either...whats up?
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    This is a known problem...back in dec some numbnuts at Sprint configed their network not to relay outbound to other smtp servers for thousands of mail are forced to go through theirs (sprint).

    Search "smtp" and "PTR" and "relay" to see more.

    it's not you ISP. it's Sprint

    Huge security issue and well as user experience issue...(sending "on behalf of user xyz"...lame).

    This is a huge issue that Sprint refuses to fix. Their network people are plain stupid.

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