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    Dammit. Now I've gotten to thinking about POP3 again, and it really isn't THAT horrible to implement. Maybe a week, maybe two weeks for a first pass, depending on work load (unless I'm delusional). Am I nuts to be thinking about this?
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    I think there may be some people who would pick chatter over another email client (i.e. snapper) if it did POP. In a way, POP takes away from chatter because its difficult once you pull pop mail off a server to syncronize it with a desktop/laptop. Thats what makes IMAP (and Chattermail) so great. You could always put it in there and enable it through a console command (?) so those who wanted it could have it. Go for it.
  3. #3 primary email comes over IMAP, so I want to go with chatter. My secondary email is only pop and I know I can use fastmail, but that just adds another point of failure.
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    I personally would be glad to invest in Chattermail if it had POP. People would save anywhere from $10-$30 over Snapper. I wish I had had the option when I purchased SM.
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    if chatter had pop then i would use it over snapper. that is the sole reason i haven't gotten it. there have been way too many glowing reviews about chatter to not get it if it had pop access.
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    I am using a trial of Chatteremail and I like it so far. I already tried and wasn't thrilled with Snapper (no push and I can't do the TM notification cause then I would be out of TMs in a day or two) as well as Agendus Mail. I love the "push" but would also appreciate being able to check my other POP accounts when I felt I needed to.
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    Do it Marc. I don't need it but many do. If you add pop you will eliminate your competition.
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    Forget POP3. That market is played out... everyone does POP3 and you'd largely be playing catch-up.

    I would easily pay you $100+ for a version of Chatter that spoke native Exchange mail (for places that refuse to open up IMAP or POP access to corporate Exchange servers). IMHO, that is the market that needs players. Versamail/ActiveSync does not do what I need it to do. BB Connect may as well be vaporware. GoodLink requires a major investment by your company to run, and the recurring fees are very high.

    ChatterEmail is a great product... with a bit more maturity and the ability to speak with Exchange 2003, it would be without peer.
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    I have both chatter and snapper, but I use snapper more promarily b/c of the pop3 support and better attachement support. Even though I answered the 3rd choice, I already bought chatter, but I truely think that integrating pop3 will only make chatter better and encourage more users to purchase this product...

    Also, since Snapper is eventually supposed to have "push-email" like functionality in its next major release, it would make sense for Chatter to stay ahead of the game by also integrating pop3 to become a more complete email solution imo... Of course just my .02.
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    gfunk - In what way is Snapper's attachment support better? At this point, they seem to be entirely comparable.


    p.s. Where did Snapper say they were having "push" in the next major release? All I've heard is that it's in their plans, and that they don't discuss timing. And again, I don't consider "push" to be the major advantage of Chatter over Snapper.
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    Marc, I would like POP support also, which would mean instead of running both SnapperMail and Chatter, I would run only Chatter. Chatter has progressed so much in the recent past and the addition of POP would put you so much further ahead than Snappermail or the others out there. The bottom line - I want to have only one email program on my Treo instead of two.

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    Marc, it was said by Snapper "it's on our list to do" so who knows when. If you add this I would jump quickly and pay for your program. Snapper is very expensive, but you can give to the public at half the price, & make more customers.....thanks for your time.
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    Pop it Marc,

    I think that there are plenty of people that would use Chatter if it was simplier to setup initially. Push would be so nice to have with Email since it's not present with Snapper

    I don't like the way Snapper handles attachments and I hopefully assume Chatter is better. Never used it since I could not get past the Fastmail thing.

    Gfunk, I too would like to know why you feel Snapper's better for attachments? I don't like the way you don't get the thumbprint pic with Snapper to view when attaching a pic. Am I missing something here?

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    Many people are forced to use both snapper and chatter as they have a mix of pop and imap servers. I need snapper to monitor my personal (erathlink) account and my gmail account. (I would rather not pipe them through fastmail).

    Adding pop3 (and pop3s?) would definitely add to chatter's value. (I still agree that IMAP is a better solution to mail service for PDAs though.)
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    Anything Marc does we know there will be great support. I say go for it i think there is still a big demand for pop then you could put your hat in the ring and try AOl

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    Why isn't this a no-brainer? If the work-load is only a week or two (month with testing), then why wouldn't a consumer want THE email solution for their pop and IMAP needs.

    As a relative non-techie, I've been drooling over all the good reviews and opinions of Chatter but have been a bit intimidated on its rumored complexity. Furthermore, I understand my work doesn't support IMAP yet (currently Lotus but moving to Exchange) so there is some mystery for me on the setup and applicability for my needs. Introduce Chatter with pop and I buy with confidence and then perhaps grow into the application as I de-mystify using other IMAP servers as middlemen etc. Just one guy's opinion.

    Lastly, I currenlty use Snapper Standard edition and cannot stand when Snapper takes over my Treo600 whenever it fetches mail. PLEASE make the pop fetch in the background. Is this possible?
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    I'm glad I kept asking for chaTer pop support.. will need to be @ least as good as snapper w/good attach support .
    can't wait to try it out!
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    I use Snapper now because I don't believe Chatter handles AOL and doesn't do POP3. Snapper's problem is no PUSH.

    I'd love to see AOL capability, POP3 and push together. Whoever gets that first would win me over.
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    I've already bought Chatter Email and LOVE IT! That being said, IF my primary email address was POP, I would've thought twice about getting Chatter Email. So, to drum up more sales, it'd be nice to add long as it doesn't mess up the wonderful IMAP functionality!
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    Marc, Very simply... implement POP3 and you will bury snappermail as well as Versamail.
    I still keep my yahoo mail for software registrations, mailing lists, etc. My IMAP is for my favorite friends and family...
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