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    Another big advantage of Chatter is that your email functions in the background, while Snapper and others take over the screen. One night I was testing Snapper, I kept getting woken up by my Treo's bright screen turning on to have Snapper check email. That taught me two things, keep my Treo further away from my bedside and switch to a different email client. Sure, I could set email retrieval at different times, but my sleep patterns are varied. In reality, I really prefer email to function in the background.
    Marc, would POP3 function in the background as well? If so, I'm sold
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    I also would likely buy as long as POP mail is checked without turning on the screen, I like Snapper but cannot stand the screen turning on to check for new mail, it is very annoying while watching a movie at home and my screens lights up every 30 minutes, its annoying while at a nightclub and the phone is lighting up and someone taps me and says "I think you have a message" and of course its annoying in any situation where you are using a holster/case where the screen faces outward and your phone is checking 4 mail accounts and the whole time the screen is lit and people seem to be staring at your hip.

    I wrote Snappermail last month about this and when it might be fixed, the reply I got didnt mention it would be fixed in the next release but instead in a *Future* release but due to their limited development team it might take some time? Well if Marc can do it within the next month without turning on the screen I guess thats a good enough reason for me to switch.
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    been trying chatter and as i mentioned in some other thread... it's fabulous. i know it may be unnecessary for some, but i do require pop as well.... which means chatter + snapper. having chatter do both would be gr8.. one less app to spend money on.
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    Marc - couple things I hope Chatter can pull off if you decide to implement pop3:

    1. Fast email fetch for the main or designated email Inbox.
    --> I have my work email setup with several subfolders under my main Inbox for purposes of organizing or filing messages after they come into the main Inbox (manual movement). I have about 150-200 filed email messages in these subfolders that I use as reference from time to time. Whenever Snappermail fetches my email, it checks through ALL EMAIL MESSAGES AND SUBFOLDERS to search for new messages. The result is Snapper takes over my device (Treo600) for quite a long time per fetch.

    2. Pop3 fetch in the background.
    --> Having the ability to use other non-network apps during a mail fetch is very important especially if the fetch process is as long as Snapper's. I understand phone calls cannot be made while email fetching is in progress (with any client) but the ability to either use other applications simultaneously is desirable. At a minumum, allow fetch without turning on the device or lighting up the screen.

    I know the purpose of this thread it to scan for poll input but I figured a few more practical ideas would help considering the poll results are indicating a positive slant thus far. Just one guy's opinions.
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    This is actually the only things that has stopped me from Getting Chattermail. My personal email is a POP3, Add it!
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    Marc- I think you should do a ChatterEmail for Windows

    Seriously, I think you would absolutely increase market share and sheer number of customers by implementing a pop3 solutions. I personally don't need it but there are those that do.

    Good Luck...

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    beantown - #2 is already a standard feature of Chatter, so POP would work the same way. I'm not sure I understand about #1 - I didn't think there was such a thing as subfolders in the POP3 world...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    beantown - #2 is already a standard feature of Chatter, so POP would work the same way. I'm not sure I understand about #1 - I didn't think there was such a thing as subfolders in the POP3 world...

    Marc - thanks for the reply. Good to know that you will be able to fetch pop3 email in the background as Chatter currently does with IMAP. Didn't know if it was possible technologically so I thought I'd mention it. I answered my second question with a seperate TC search: either create email folders outside of the main inbox folder so the email fetch process doesn't consume too much time querying all read and unread messages -OR- get IMAP email so the user can designate what folders and subfolders to query/sync.

    Are you thinking of creating a seperate app (Chatter-Lite) or including this feature in regular Chatter?
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    I'm thinking of including POP3 in "regular" Chatter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    I'm thinking of including POP3 in "regular" Chatter.


    pls don't even think abt doing it in a seperate version. that would hinder usability to a great extent. one question, will there be a option of not deleting the mails from the server?
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    Marc, I for one am glad youre nuts. I wish more developers were nuts. Pop3 would be a nice addition and if anyone can do it right it would be you.
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    viper - I assume that there will be lots of options, just as with the IMAP side of things.

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    so.. u gonna add pop marc?
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    johnski1969 - Yeah, I guess I will. I've started working on it a bit this afternoon; perhaps there will be a first pass by the weekend.

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    There were so many posts I didn't get to read them all but, since you have helped me so much in the past, I figured I would participate in your poll. Sorry if I am repeating what others have said.

    For purely selfish reasons, I would not want you to implement POP. I don't need it and I am afraid that Chatter will take up a larger memory footprint with more options and you will be even busier and not be able to give me the personal support I have so much enjoyed.

    But to be selfless, I would simply say that if you are doing this for income, it seems that there is a market for this and it should pay off. But I always thought IMAP was your "passion". Don't lose sight of your original "baby".
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    gadget -

    Here's what I'm thinking... The POP functionality will be in a separate PRC file; I don't expect more than 5-10k max additional size in the "main" app. I also don't suspect it will be TOO time-consuming, but I'm not positive about that. I hope to get a first pass done this week, though it's perhaps a bit aggressive (first pass = POP3 without attachments). IMAP is my passion, but there are people who don't want to buy two apps, and need both; if I can get it done without too much trouble, then I suspect it's good for just about everyone.

    But I certainly hear you re: support. I'm happy to say that I've interacted personally with most of my users; I sincerely hope I can keep it that way. On the other hand, of course, I'd like to get it running smoothly enough that personal support won't be as critical as it has been historically, and can therefore be reserved for the more "interesting" cases (new features, unusual circumstances, etc.)

    Thanks for your comments.

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    glad to hear u decided to go w/pop.. I have snapper.. but got it free w/sprint $... so I don't feel I'd be throwin $ away by going w/chatter...
    I'd love to hear your plans 4 pop vers.. I want something as good as snapper.. that can run in back ground.. w/good attach support...
    u would be a god if u can have chatter not auto connect for mail if it sees that bt dun is enabled..
    I am unable to set snapper to auto fetch because if it launches while I'm using bt dun... it kills the connection... really p*ssing me off... a real pain to reconnect when it gets disconected that way..
    I'd really appreciate it.. & want to support treo developers.. thanx
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