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    I think TC has it right on the money in

    Will any application allow streaming Real Audio (.smil) or streaming Windows Media (.php) ?

    From what I understand, Pockettunes will do only streaming mp3 ...

    PS: my main interest is listening to NPR stations.. Doable?
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    Not yet. There are plans for Pocket Tunes to support at least Windows Media, but I haven't read anything about Real Audio. You would think Real would be the first to support streaming Real Audio with their application. There are some NPR shoutcast streams. You can do a search at TreoBits or Also do a search for NPR in this forum might provide some other useful information.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I searched and found some individual stations doing MP3 streaming.

    I was going to the NPR web site (which supports real and ASF streaming only.)

    Looks like PocketTunes is a must purchase ...

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    I'd pay good money for a program that allows you to play a Real Audio streamed radio station!!!!!!
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