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    - It sh-t the bed after < 4 hours - See my post below titled DAMNIT
    - 3/12/ at 8 AM - went all night without a reset - whoohoo - 12 hours
    - 3/13 9 AM - still no resets - 37 hours and counting
    - 3/17 - no resets for over 4 days. Going to add one app every two days. First up is Passwords Plus form Dataviz.

    I am going to wait a few more days then try one new app - backgammon on the SD card

    So I got a replacement - no resets for 2 hours now

    I thought it would be good to try to pull together the steps that have worked for others - it seems sync'g old data may reintroduce the corrupted prefs or whatever the hell causes this soft reset issue.

    My plan:

    1) Backed up my user dir with my files from Palmone dir

    2) Cleaned out all Palmone SW on my laptop

    3) Reinstalled PalmOne and sync'd - when it asked if I wanted to use existing user (it brought the dirs back - weird) I said no and created a new one.

    4) Launched Palm Desktop and removed all users except for my new one and made sure all user dirs under palmone dir are gone.

    5) Reformat SD card

    6) Reinstall Goodlink ONLY - no other apps or games

    7) Wait and see

    I will update this thread as things progress.
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    I have an unlocked 650 GSM version that is being replaced due to resets. I have asked Good directly in the Good support thread if Good is stable on a "vanilla" phone and although I never got a complete "YES" I did get some reassurance. I'll be watching this thread closely. My suspicion is that either having the data connection on all the time, the load Good puts on the phone from a CPU/memory perspective, or the Good software itself causes the resets and perhaps my phone isn't defective but I have a new one on the way to test. Please update us!
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    I will update the first post. Does anyone want to comment on the risk of using the favorites and bookmarks files from my old setup - I hate to have to do that all again but also do not want to risk introducing corruption...I suspect the right thing to do is redo it all
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    Dont put any software other than what came with it. Seriously I dont know if its possible to have a 650 the never resets. My wifes "never" has on her, it did when i was using it and trying some medical software. But she only has what came with the device on it and has yet to mention any problems to me. Believe me if she had any issues with it I would have heard about it long ago.

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    LOL. I got SPrint to give me a 650 for the 600 after I had 5 replacements in a now I have 2 and am debating whether to give it to my wife

    I did load Goodlink because that is the main reason I have this damn thing SO far it is reset free after 4 hours - the old one was resetting every 15 minutes at least so I am optimistic.

    DO people find the soft reset issue starts after some months? If so:

    1) Corrupted prefs from poorly written apps - saved and/or unsaved

    2) Maybe there is some inherent flaw in the overall HW - not making a lot of sense but if it was SW or memory management - like a "memory leak" - then a soft reset and certainly a hard reset would fix it. But I onserved after I started getting the soft resets, even a hard reset and NO install and NO sync was not enough - it still kept resetting just freaking sitting there - which leads me to suspect some deterioration in HW or some misalignment of pins on a chip or some damn thing...

    Oh well so far so good. No midi files,no apps going on for at least a week.
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    Not datamgr.c - just "Fatal Exception". All I have done is install Goodlink and it was fine for an hour. Just prior to the reset I had been editing favorites and I deleted the sprint ones like "Get BC", "Get Games" etc. and added some speed dials. 5 minutes later poof.

    Could there be some issue with the favorites file structure? Could this in any way be related to having deleted the crappy SPrint favorites - the sort of fav's that are locked from deletion on the Cingular phones?

    I am getting desperate..I will be following up with Goodlink but there are too many non-Goodlink users having thse issues too.
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    10 day user here. If my home computer reset as much as my new gadget...I've have thrown the f'n thing out the window by now.

    TREO 650, bone STOCK, Cingular.

    -Resets occasionally when I wake it from the black screen
    -Resets when I try to make a call
    -Resets when I try to receive a call
    -Resets when I hit the 'unlock key'

    Why do I still have this thing? Oh yeah! It's the only Palm/Phone Cigular offers and I got tired of carrying two devices.
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    I hear ya. I feel the same way - I can handle a few resests a day but not every hour and not when a call comes in. Weird thing with mine was that it never reset on a call - more often it reset while it was idle. If I played backgammon or whatever - all was fine - for hours. Leave it alone for an hour and poof.

    Almost like some system timer background thing is breaking it.
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    I don't know what's breaking in. But it sure is frustrating.
    I find it interesting that we are all puting up with so many 'minor' (?) issues with this premium product. If it were a would have been recalled and we would all have our money back. Why the heck should the consumer have to work AT ALL on ANY bugs? How 'bout false advertising on the part of P1? Truth is, I really want the TREO to work as advertised. Instead, I've got a girl who's the envy of everyone and a ***** to live with.
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    Mine has been stable now for over 12 hours - a record! There is no doubt that poorly written and tested software can introduce the resets - and this seems to be a common thread - after X packages, prefs are hosed and you are screwed. What bugs me is that once the resets started there was NO way to get rid of them - I even did the hard reset and with no sync still got resets - so maybe I did have faulty HW.

    But now I am too scared to install ANY games, utils, etc...only Goodlink. I liked Backgammon, Minehunt and SOlitaire...but they all have prefs so I do not want them.

    I was going to install them to the card but they still touch the prefs file I think.

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    Mine's been totally problem free for a couple weeks straight now. Like others, I hard reset, reformatted the SD card, only loaded back my most vital apps - uninstall, powerrun, snappermail, voicedial, Kinoma, MyBible. I don't even want to think about adding anything else. BTW, als have an "A" sim card.
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    Stable for 36 hours.
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    Stable for 4 days.
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    GSM Cingular. Resets ~q2-4 hrs. First two resets occurred in the virginal state, before the first hotsync, even before my old phone number was ported. This is a cool, but flakey, device, *not* one to rely on in mission-critical applications.
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    You all have read the threads about making sure you have the right SIM card, right? If you have a GemPlus you have the wrong card. Go to the CIngular store and buy an Axalto 64k SIM card. Works like a charm. I had the same problem with my 650 and once I changed the SIM card from the GemPlus 32K that I got when I bought my Blackberry 7290 with the Axalto 64K card. I haven't had a reset in 2 weeks. It is worth $25 but it sucks none the less that Cingular charges you!!! But that is for a different thread all together!!!
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    I hav gone through 5 sims, they never charged me, u gotta go to company stores
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    Quote Originally Posted by tedro
    I had the same problem with my 650 and once I changed the SIM card from the GemPlus 32K that I got when I bought my Blackberry 7290 with the Axalto 64K card. I haven't had a reset in 2 weeks.
    I have the Axalto SIM, but still get at least one random reset everyday. The 650 boots up so much faster than my old Kyocera 7135 that it's really not all that bad though...

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