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    hey all,

    I just got a fastmail account and put chattermail on my sprint treo 650. I set up the forwarding from my gmail account to my fastmail account and that seems to work. then, i tried to set up chatter and that's where I ran into problems. incoming mail seems to work fine. however, I set up a smtp file in chatter, using, with my username and password.

    i save the changes and go to the main chatter screen and hit "new"/ then, my treo automatically resets. i've tried it a few times now with different settings for the smtp and it does this every time. any ideas/solutions?

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    that's not the right smtp server to use, you need to use your smtp server name (if you have the paid $20 or more service) or your cell phone service provider's smtp server.
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    There was an issue w/saving SMTP profiles in a few of the betas. What version ya running?
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    i am using ver.
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    I had this problem earlier this week as well. Emailed Chatter and got the response back in about an hour.

    Marc's response was:
    >This is fixed in the betas; make sure you have ALL of the >following filled out in the Profile: server, login name, >password, return address, and full name.


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