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    I am on my second Cingular treo650 and I am getting the same error message again and again. It is ALWAYS the same message.

    "A crash occured while running "Messaging":

    ../Src/MessageStoreMain.c, Line:116, Unable to load 504f4d4f, 050a"

    I have follwed several excellent threads on starting over from scratch (Zboater's thread) and deleted Messages Database and SMS2 message via fileZ, etc, etc... I keep approximately 10mb free at all times.

    The only thing that will fix it is a hard reset. I have only programs loaded that are listed multiple times in this forum as compatible. I do not even use the Messaging program, I have the settings configured to not automatically check for messages. These resets can occur while switching applications or occasionally randomly. I have searched TreoCentral and PalmOne discussion/support forums without any luck. I am ready to give up my dream of convergence and go back to separate PDA and phone. I've been using Palms since '96 and NEVER had so many problems.

    Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this and for any help any of you experts can provide
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    FYI - Just hung up from Palmone (Cingular gave up and transfered me to them) and they are sending another replacement unit. Still would love some ideas if anyone has any...
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    Sounds like you have a normal, reset prone Treo.

    Welcome to the club.

    Yes, I would agree this is the most problem ridden device ever released by F1.
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    It appears that the fix is to simply send everyone another phone. And wait until it messes up. Mine is a Cingular, bone stock, and like cshedron, I too wanted to ditch two devices for this ONE. Now, after just 10 days of ownership, I feel duped. I was seduced by it's pretty face and tantalizing features...only to discover that the honeymoon ended way too soon.

    I want to love it, but am growing weary.

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