Sorry if this has been asked, every time I try to use the search function on this site, my computer freezes and crashes.

Anyhow...just got my Treo600 yesterday, loving it so far. I use it primarily for SMS text messaging as I am hearing impaired and can't talk on the phone.

Can I set it to not automatically pop up the messages when I receive them, but instead alert me that there is a message waiting for me to go read? I don't like how it pops up the thread of messages every time one comes in.

Also, is there anyway to get the vibrate mode to, well, last longer? I can't hear the ringer, so if it is on my hip or in my pocket and I get a text message, it only vibrates lightly once and thats it. I want it to vibrate longer and remind me now and then if I don't notice the first time. Any way to do this?

Thanks in advance...I'm not that tech-savvy with these things so I appreciate it.