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    Just got my GSM 650 last night--so far not bad. I had one freeze-up (the unit responded more and more slowly to input until it just froze, had to soft-reset). Volume isn't great but RF seems decent and no echo thus far. Took three tries for first hotsync as the unit wasn't recognized.

    I do notice something about the display, however, and I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this sort of thing: Along the top edge, I notice a subtle, but definitely persistent, bluish hue along the top edge on the left half, and a reddish hue on the right half. These "tinted" areas fade to normal within the upper half of the display. Looking at the screen from different angles can reduce (but not eliminate) the effect.

    I'd try to get a pic of this if I could get all or most of the upper part of the screen to stay white or have minimal graphics (suggestions, besides dialing lag which I haven't seen too much of?).

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    You have good eyes.

    I suspect that the tension on the LCD causes slight color shifts. They're VERY subtle, and not easy to see. I have this, and it shifts a bit with temperature.

    I would think they all show this.

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    Yep, I saw it on another friends Sprint 650. I concluded its normal. I shouldn't have spent so much time with photography and darkroom work when younger.


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