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    My Treo 650 refuses to complete a sync. It syncs everything just like it should and then goes into a endless installing applications sequence at the end. Any ideas?
    BTW, there is nothing listed to be installed on the Quick Installer.
    Thanks for any help.
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    go into the install folder in you palm directory and clean it out

    program files/palmone/BP/install
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    Hey dutch! Thanks a million for your help. I went into that directory and found it with a full DocumentsToGo install waiting. Strange, because that program and all its components is already installed on my Treo. So I deleted all that "junk". Thanks for the tip.
    Also, I have had the desktop Plucker application running in the background. Prior to attempting your recommendation, I just shut down the desktop Plucker app and found that the sync completed like it should.
    Thanks again for your help and that lightning fast response!
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    It also happens when you dont have enough memory on you treo... see memory issues posted on this board. Had a program that " you need 1.7megs avalible memory on your device" but when it fully installs it take up almost 5megs on the treo-- thanks P1-- its also one that you can load on the SD carg but then wants to move to ram to run -- which never happens.


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