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    What's wrong with me ?....I guess I am not Treofied enough . When I am home, I use my home phone......when in the office , I use my office phone. On the two days a year where the phones go out for an hour, I step outside or jump in the car and use OnStar.
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    I know I'm not home a lot, so I don't have a home phone. It's an extra expense that I can use to pay for unlimited internet instead on my treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by techprincesse
    Signal in my apartment is awesome, always at full bars. I've been using the free signal repeater from the repeater trial SprintPCS had a few months ago. I'm in a one level apartment so it works for me, and I have yet to drop any calls since installing it last year. Works with all of our sprint phones too.
    Techprincesse, how did you manage to get in on this trial? What type of repeater does Sprint provide under the trial?
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    I saw it being talked about ALOT over at last year, I beleive it was around July/August and you had to call a special Sprint call center that was located in New Mexico, cause any other call center wouldnt know about the repeater trial at all. I know when I requested it they surveyed my service and a few weeks after I got the repeater Sprint called me maybe 2 times to survey how it worked, and if my signal improved, etc. Its about 6 x 8 inches and in matte bronze in color and has a picture frame right in front big enough to fit a 4x6 photo i guess to camoflage what it really is. There is an LCD panel and button on the top to connect it to your actual local Sprint signal. I know after the trial some people had good results and some didnt have results at all and people started selling them on eBay for an upwards of $200-$400. They were even being sold on for that price as well. I beleive the repeater trial had an enrollment cap of 500-1000 users which was swiftly filled within less then 2 days. I will have to see if i can find the thread on there and post it when I get a little less busy at work... They had posted pics of it as well on there.

    Some background: I lived in Miami, a huge metro area but there was a 3 block radius in my area where I ALWAYS dropped calls, sometimes as soon as I dialed the phone number, the reception in my home was nonexistant. So needless to say I called Sprint at least every other day, gotten so many dropped call credits. I relocate to DC in May, and July I hear about the repeater trial, I beleive they had to check your account to see if you had a history of bad reception. Since I had 3 years worth of bad reception (albeit, in Miami, not DC) I did qualify so they sent me one free of charge.

    Update: The cut off for the forum on SU is 6 months... So the main repeater discussions are all not there anymore.

    I did see a few links to an older HOFO conversation about Sprint giving free repeaters to people who had bad reception. I would guess you would have to call daily for a while before they went this route as this is the kind that is attached to the side of a home and needs to be actually installed. Here are the links. Hope they give you some sort of information! (this thread has a link to the picture on HOFO of the actual Sprint Repeater, couldnt link it, have to be a member to view)

    Here are the details from the actual trial from Last July:

    Consumer electronic PCS signal repeater trial

    This marketing trial program targets PCS customers who report in-home coverage issues when attempting to use their PCS phone at home.

    The trial will test the effectiveness of the electronic repeater's ability to improve in-home coverage for customers.

    A select group of customers with PCS in-home coverage issues will be contacted by a PCS representative and offered a PCS consumer electronic repeater (CER). The repeater is a device that is about the size of a bookshelf speaker that can be placed near a window. The device receives the PCS signal and then strengthens/boosts the signal throughout the home resulting in better coverage for the customer.

    Trial details:

    If the customer accepts the offer, the repeater will be shipped to the customer at no charge. During the trial period, Telesis will provide the customer with technical support. Customers will be asked to participate in two surveys. The first survey will occur a few days after the customer agrees to be shipped the repeater. This survey will include basic customer service questions. Then a follow-up survey call will be made to the customer approximately 4-5 weeks after they receive the repeater to evaluate the repeaters performance and ease of use. Customers who miss the survey call and want to call directly, can dial 800-707-5050. They will need to refer to the CER or Consumer Electronics Repeater study.

    Specialist action:

    If a customer contacts Customer Solutions asking for technical support for the repeater, please refer them to Telesis for assistance at 800-817-2329. Hours of operation: 8:00 - 5:00 PST, Monday through Friday.

    Quote Originally Posted by curtiscarmack
    Techprincesse, how did you manage to get in on this trial? What type of repeater does Sprint provide under the trial?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balinor
    OK Everyone... I got my supplies from results are good...

    Bought the same stuff as Swieder, and instead of choppy one bar of reception, I have a SOLID 2 bars... and no drops or quality issues. Thanks everyone who contributed to this discussion, now I have a solution. Have my Treo with a belt clip hanging on my shelf above my monitor in my home office, and things are great!!!!

    (Ran the antenna up thru the wall to the attic, and have it braced to a support stud in the attic... )

    If you get a low loss cable, your signal reception will be even better. What cable are you using?
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