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    I apoligize, I'm sure this question has been asked.
    I have a 1 gig SD. I run the sync so that the prc files copy from my pc to my treo. I initially copy it to my SD card. I would prefer to keep as much as i can on my card as oppose to my treo. The question is, do I need to copy the prc file to my treo from the card each time I want to run an app or is there a tool that I can use to run it off my SD card (ZLauncher, LauncherX). If this has been answered previously please direct me to the posting. Thanks.
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    New PalmOS operating systems, including the Treo 600 using Palm OS 5.2, can run many (but not all) programs back and forth off the SD card. Just copy any file to the SD card and to launch it just go to your SD card and tap the icon. The OS will attempt to copy the program to RAM and luanch the app. Once you close the app the OS will remove the app from RAM. BUT, if you have an app that uses any of the Palm OS libraried for: time, date, etc... they will not run the card without a "launcher".

    I have heard good things of PowerRUN. Or as you mention, using an alternative launcher will work too.

    I hope that this helps,
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    Thanks for the info...def does help.


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