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    I've bought and installed a Seidio G2100M Car Kit for my Treo 650 CDMA/Sprint

    The kit is connected to included external mic and AUX input of my car stereo. It plays MP3s fine, but in phone mode it does not detect the car kit and does not send sound out - also "speakerphone button" shows up , which is another indication that it does not see car kit.

    The 2100 for treo 600 used to have a MP3/Phone switch - this one does not have it -I assume treo is supposed to autodetect it.

    If I push "speakerphone" button the sound comes out from both speakerphone and the car stereo, but it still doesn't use external microphone and internal one is covered when the phone is in car kit so the quality on the other end is terrible.

    I thought it's a defective car kit so I called Seidio and they send me another car kit and microphone. Same problem...

    I had a custom ROM and I thought it might be a problem ,so I restored original ROM and did a hard reset - same problem. I installed car kit patch from palmone site - same problem..

    Do I have a deffective treo ? Is anyone else have the same problem ?
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    I can't help because the 2100M GSM doesn't allow for a bluetooth headset so I ripped out the audio connector. I needed it for power, mount, and gps.
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    I got the 2100H and it works great, except people are complaining that my voice is a bit echo-y

    It works perfectly with the serial TomTom GPS by the way.


    Quote Originally Posted by dgelfuso
    I can't help because the 2100M GSM doesn't allow for a bluetooth headset so I ripped out the audio connector. I needed it for power, mount, and gps.
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    This might get a little technical (but then again, with my hardware knowledge, maybe not)...

    I was just reading the Palm OS SDK document regarding the 650, and the latest version contains a whole section on the headset jack. What I found most interesting about the discussion (most of which was over my head) was the fact that the OS performs some "magic" depending on the type of device it thinks is connected to the jack.

    Physically, the jack has 4 contacts. Pin 1 is the "tip" and Pin 4 is the part closest to the plastic body. The 3 main uses of the jack are:

    3-pin Phone Headset
    Pin 1 = mic in
    Pin 2 = audio out
    Pin 3 = unused
    Pin 4 = ground

    3-pin Stereo Headphones
    Pin 1 = left audio out
    Pin 2 = right audio out
    Pin 3 = unused
    Pin 4 = ground

    4-pin Combination Headphone/Headset
    Pin 1 = left audio out
    Pin 2 = right audio out
    Pin 3 = mic in
    Pin 4 = ground

    The Treo apparently determines what type of device is connected by measuring the impedance (electrical resistance) on each pin. Basically, if the impedance of Pin 1 equals that of Pin 2, then it assumes an audio device (headphones) is connected. If the 2 signals don't match, it assumes a headset (mic/speaker) is attached. It also does a third test comparing Pin 3 to the ground signal. If they match, it assumes a combination device is attached.

    What does all this mean?

    Well, my simple mind says that if you're using something like the Seidio carkit, it requires a 4-pin connector properly wired to tell the Treo that it's really a "combination device". Otherwise, the Treo might think it's an audio headset and won't route the phone audio (or mic input) to the jack, or vice versa.

    From looking at the photos of the 2100M I can't tell if there's a seperate audio plug that goes into the 650 or if it just uses the hotsync connector, in which case there's no mic signals available on the connector.

    Maybe someone with more hardware expertise can comment, but this may at least be some help in tracking down what the problem may be.
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    For what it's worth, I have EXACTLY the same problem with mine. In my opinion this product SUCKS. I hope someone else comes out with some kind of car kit that is acceptable. The G2500M is NOT acceptable because the speaker covers up the antenna port.
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    My 2100 does this intermittently. I am running the 2100 into a car radio auxillary port. Sometimes works fine, othertimes doesn't. The 2500 which I had first works fine EXCEPT that it picks up GSM radio signals and this makes for terrible noise. I bought the 2100 to deal with this problem.
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    I just bought a G2100M and I'm having this problem, or something pretty close. I have my audio routed into my head unit's AUX input jack, and the external mic plugged into the 2100M's Mic jack.

    I can get sound from Pocket Tunes to play through my system, but when I make calls, the phone app won't play the phone call through my system, and it's as if nothing's connected at all. Then, when I go back to Pocket Tunes, I have to unplug and re-plug the jack into the 2100M for it to "remember" that the audio is supposed to go through the Aux jack instead of out the Treo's speaker.

    Has anyone found a workaround for this? Has anyone tried to get support through Seidio? The whole *REASON* I paid nearly $100 for a car cradle was to get phone calls on my stereo system and make use of an external mic, not to mention be able to get consistent audio output from it without having to disconnect and reconnect the audio cable. Has anyone else had these particular symptoms, or is it possible my unit is defective?

    If there's no workaround, I'm totally sending this thing back. I spent 4 hours tonight trying to get the freaking thing installed correctly in my car (hiding the wires and everything) only to get this crap. Argh!

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