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    For the convenience of those whose IMAP servers don't handle the IDLE command (for true push), or for those who (for various reasons) don't want their Mailboxes online, I've added an SMS trigger option to ChatterEmail. SMS triggers can be different for different Mailboxes (i.e. can trigger on different text) if desired. This "pseudo-push" requires, of course, that you have a way of sending an SMS to your Treo when new mail is received.

    There are now FOUR ways of receiving mail via ChatterEmail, providing the greatest flexibility among Treo email users with IMAP accounts.

    * True online push
    * SMS-triggered "pseudo-push"
    * Timed "QuickSync"
    * Manual online connection

    This feature is available in the current BETA version of ChatterEmail, at; it will migrate to a soon-to-be-released stable version within a few days.


    p.s. I still don't consider "push" the defining feature of ChatterEmail, although it seems to get the most attention. I personally consider asynchronous operation and real-time IMAP functionality (moving mail, doing searches and filtering from within entire server folders, etc.) to be more important...
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    Great going Marc. Once again distancing yourself from the competition!
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    The irony of this feature is that it took all of an hour to implement!

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    May I make a suggestion? Have Chatter Email automaticaly delete the SMS messgae once a pull is triggered. This would keep users from having to go and delet all of the SMSs once the email has come in.
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    Brilliant, Marc. Thank you!
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    theguyyo - I don't see any of my triggers; I'm pretty sure I take care of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    theguyyo - I don't see any of my triggers; I'm pretty sure I take care of them.
    Everyone of them shows up in my SMS application and I have to delete them manualy. Am I doing something wrong? I have the Sprint Treo 600.
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    Hmm... I will check on a T600; on my T650, they all vanish. So you're saying the triggers work but don't get deleted??

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Hmm... I will check on a T600; on my T650, they all vanish. So you're saying the triggers work but don't get deleted??

    Yes, that is correct. They are transparent when they occur, but when I go to the SMS application they are still there and I have to delete them manualy. Thanks so much for looking into this for me.

    I am finally able to use Chatter Email without having battery issues (I work 14 -16 hour days and can't recharge). Thanks a bunch.
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    I miss lots of calls that go direct to voicemail, presumably because something is tying up my phone. Would changing from true push to the new sms-based push make this situation better, worse, or not affect it at all?

    Note that Chatter is not my only email app; I also run Sprint's "Business Connection", which is the only way I can get my MS Exchange email. This app may, for all I know, be principally or even solely responsible for my problem.
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    I'd guess the sms pseudo-push would be somewhat better. Why can't you get your MS Exchange mail with Chatter, btw?

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    I too have been getting a number of phone calls going directly to voicemail. And it seems to be happening when I thought I was in service. This never used to happen except when out of service. It seems like it has been happening in the past 2 weeks. We are only talking about 3 times over several weeks.

    I will try to send a log the next time it does happen. It may not be related to Chatter, but I am not sure what else is doing something which would possibly interfere with receiving a call. It may just be Tmobile.

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    RE: "Why can't you get your MS Exchange mail with Chatter, btw?"

    I can only get to my company's Exchange server through a VPN client that runs only on Windows XP. The Sprint product (really Seven, I believe) uses a program that runs on my office desktop to redirect the email to its client on the Treo. It's not a great email client, and worse, the whole thing is dependent on my unattended desktop being up and running, and it often doesn't make it through the weekend. And, it's a bit of an "exception" to the security policy.

    If I can talk someone around here into allowing VPN through the Treo, and can find the client software to establish the session, I'll give Chatter a try.
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    Then why are your competors so slow, Marc? You're a one man show I'm assuming. They can't have any less than that.
    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    The irony of this feature is that it took all of an hour to implement!

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    ntu - Maybe they have too many people...

    I am, indeed, a one-man show. I'm working on POP3 now; about 6 hours into it and I am receiving mail...

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    chick-dance - First, get 1.0.5b2 (messages don't appear properly in b1). Then use "reload" to reload your mailbox. You should be able to delete in the usual way. They just won't go away until the next QuickSync.

    As far as sending, sending is done via SMTP, not POP3; there aren't any changes with sending mail. Are you sure your server, login name, etc. are correct? Can you make me a log?

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    They don't delete the next time you QuickSync?

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    I love the fact that POP is being supported and that you now have pseudo-push! Quick questions: I've only been playing around today, but even with the SMS-push and IM, it seems like my battery is draining very quickly today, as compared with most days (when I use Snapper with an SMS-push and an earlier version of Chatter for IM). I only received a couple of e-mails today.

    I'm really looking forward to dropping Snapper in favor of moving entirely to Chatter, but I was curious as to whether you knew of any other reason why battery drain would be an issue, given that I was already utilizing IM and not regularly checking for e-mails.

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    bujin - Send a log; maybe something has gone wrong... There are instructions in a FAQ here on this board or at

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    Deleting from POP3 works for me. Maybe send me a log that includes the next QSync. What server are you using?

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