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    For the convenience of those whose IMAP servers don't handle the IDLE command (for true push), or for those who (for various reasons) don't want their Mailboxes online, I've added an SMS trigger option to ChatterEmail. SMS triggers can be different for different Mailboxes (i.e. can trigger on different text) if desired. This "pseudo-push" requires, of course, that you have a way of sending an SMS to your Treo when new mail is received.

    There are now FOUR ways of receiving mail via ChatterEmail, providing the greatest flexibility among Treo email users with IMAP accounts.

    * True online push
    * SMS-triggered "pseudo-push"
    * Timed "QuickSync"
    * Manual online connection

    This feature is available in the current BETA version of ChatterEmail, at; it will migrate to a soon-to-be-released stable version within a few days.


    p.s. I still don't consider "push" the defining feature of ChatterEmail, although it seems to get the most attention. I personally consider asynchronous operation and real-time IMAP functionality (moving mail, doing searches and filtering from within entire server folders, etc.) to be more important...
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    POP please... is it that hard to add?
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    johnski - I'm not so sure about "hard", but it would be pretty time-consuming. And since I'm a one-man shop and there are a number of things left to be done on the IMAP side, it's hard to find the time to spend on POP. I think basic POP functionality (sans attachments, say) would probably only take me a week or two, but that's a fair-sized chunk!

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    Marc, this release is awesome. Simply awesome. Ben
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    I'll be waiting Marc, Snapper still starts my screen while checking mail and if you can offer POP support without turning on the screen I'm converting...I can live without attachments but hope within a month after offering POP you can also offer attachment support.

    Snapper if you spent even one week to make it so the screen doesnt turn on when checking mail then I'm staying with you...this is the most annoying thing about Snapper, everything else is PERFECT for me...turning on my screen every 30 seconds isnt needed.

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