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    Can anyone recommend a case for the 650 that has a built in slot for credit card/cash? I would prefer not having a belt clip, as I like to keep the phone in my pocket. The only one I've seen to date is one on eBay..

    Anyone use this? seen this in person?
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    I have never seen this or used it in person, but it looks exactly like a solution I am looking for. Let me know if you get it and like it!
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    Just a 10 of the users manual says the speaker of the Treo contains a large magnet. That and the magnetic closure might strip your credit cards.
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    Well the magnetic strips go on mine regularly anyway. The only problem with this one is if you want it in your pocket you have the belt clip on it. I would like one without it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sschwar2
    Anyone use this? seen this in person?

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