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    I am starting over from scratch but NEED to keep my SMS conversations from the 600?

    Any ideas?

    I'll be eternally grateful.

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    i hate to be a pest... but really... does no-one have an answer?
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    I've never seen an answer to this, I suggest you scap your old messages and start over, you don't want anything that will give you reset loops...loops are just too easy accomplished with Palm OS...
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    its just not something that can be done
    try deleting all the messages. thats what i did.
    now you can start new
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    come on smart guys... these answers dont help... someone must know of something
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    Just a thought-I haven't tried it, but what if you used FileZ to copy SMSmessages2 to a card, then to the 650?
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    won't work
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    I wonder if u can transfer the sms database file to a 600 from a 650 . highly doubt it. although u r not wanting to do that.

    I guess u could go to the sprint website and type in what people wrote to you and send it as a txt msg to your phone using their number as the callback(may take a few hours I suppose) but it may serve some sort of purpose
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    or you can use PDA reach or another type of application and copy an entire chat log.
    use some program of some sort that will allow you to hack/post the entire chat log in a new txt msg to yourself and then send it it to yourself.

    Somebody ever made a program to hack the sms length yet for the 650??

    We're tryin' WeeBitObsessed!!
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    One possible workaround is to use Desktop Sync for Funsms:

    It lets your sync and archive your sms's via the Fun SMS app to your desktop. I don't think your can re-sync it back to your Treo, but at least you can back your old sms to your computer...
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    I'll pay $50 FOR THE SOLUTION!
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    I'll throw this idea out there and see if it sticks...

    I have that MDM Secure File PDA Back up Card. There might be a way to save only those SMS files to that card, then restore to a T650. one must have the T650 MDM updater that is listed here:
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    Hello all ,

    I just received my new Treo 650 and as everybody here, would like to transfer my SMS from the Treo 600 to the 650.

    I found on the forum that the question has been asked a lot of time, but did not find any solution :

    It is possible to do this transfer now or still impossible ?

    Thanx in advance,
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    for $250 I will transfer from you 600 to 650 + air fare +meals+hotel

    seriously I will

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