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    Curious about battery life as to those on Sprint network with new 650. I have a new 650(last friday), it would not last a full day with very little talk time usage and very few manual e-mail get's. Deeply dissappointed in terms of battery life. I had not installed any software, hadn't even synch'd it yet. I got to about 4-5pm everyday and am DEAD. When the battery get's low the unit shuts down not just the radio, but the whole unit as well, my 600 on Sprint would allow me to continue to use the PDA part of my device long after the radio shut off. I am deeply concerned about the 650 in general if this is the average, and am headed back to Sprint if this is abnormal, and I should be able to make it a full day on a full charge and use about 30-60 minutes of talk time.

    Thanks for everyone's input!
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    I charge my battery every night because the manual said frequent top ups are better, but I have never had a low battery. Not even close. I don't talk that much, but Versamail is getting every 15 minutes and I play on the web and I play games and I read eBooks. I have GSM which is supposed to better on battery than your Sprint CDMA model but still it sounds like your battery is a dud.
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    Sounds abnormal to me. I'd at least try to swap the battery.

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    I am having the same trouble. I got me 650 on Wednesday night and after a full Charge it went dead before the day was over. My 600 had never rund out of juice even after 2-3 days without charging.
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    weird, my treo last me about 3 days and i itch for the charger already *about 24% charge left by the end of 3rd day*
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    i use mine an hour or more daily as a phone and about 20-30 minutes on the web in addition to several text messages every day. at days end i still have about 30% battery life. i charge it every night so it is fresh and ready in the morning. i think you definately have a battery issue.
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    the battery problem is well documented on this forum, and easily fixable.... just uncheck your "Enable Local Network Time" box in the "prefs" setting. it's increased my battery life by days...and has solved 100% of the issues i was having with my treo.
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    You might also want to make sure that your IR beam is off (beam receive set to off)
    ALso, turn off BT if you are not useing it.
    Get a 3rd party app that turns off the phone overnight. I use technician to do this. I have it set to turn off at 1am and back on at 6am. I dont care how important a call is, I dont need it durrng those times. IF I am expecting a call, I can turn the thing back on.

    YOu will also notice that the battery life improves the longer you have the phone...not due to any mystical burn in or anything, just that you dont use it as much once the newness wears off. I found myself constantly surfing the first few weeks ( a batt eater for sure) but I surf less now that the "wow factor" of it has worn off.
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    None of that makes sense. I have Enable Local time checked and I have BT on and Beaming is on. I use Verichat a **LOT** during the day and talk about 15 mins on the phone and surf some. My signal strength is just 1-2 bars at work and I can go the whole day and have 30% left at night.

    I have always had BT on and it NEVER drains the battery unless it is in use.

    What's wrong that it happens to some people then and not to me (and I'd assume others)
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    Started today at 100%. Had the phone on for about 3 hours with BT off, turned off Enable Network Time, used versichat for 5 minutes and downloaded new beta (532kb), browsed for 10 minutes, made 4 calls and my battery is at 42%. I have the screen on dim and auto-off at 1 min, although I alway turn screen off manually.
    I think there is a bad batch of batteries out there; I'm gonna bite the bullet and buy a new one, probably from's Dan's.
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    Battery life should be bette than hirschr or att are seeing. I go a long day (14 hours) with Verichat, a few email synchs, plenty of PDA use, at least an hour of screen-on ebook reading, etc. and still have 40% left; if I do an hour or two of phone calls that can kill off the rest of it.

    Two hints: 1) use Option-P to dim the screen way down unless you need the turbo-brightness; 2) use PXAClocker to down-clock apps that you may use a lot (e.g. eBook reader or RealPlayer) but doesn't benefit from lots of CPU
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    mines been all day long, getting messages, email, talking and sms, 68% left normaly at night im about 60% + i get excellent battery life
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    FWIW - I've found that battery life with sprint phones is bad in general compared to ATT gsm etc. Its been true with every sprint phone i've had including my i500. The major problem for me has been that if you are in an area with low to no signal strength, the phone expends a tremendous amount of energy trying to find a signal. I've learned to turn the phone off if I'm somewhere with no signal for an extended period of time. If the phone is searching for hours for a signal, the battery will wear down in a day. Other tips are Ledoff and KBlights off. they've been discussed in other threads, but they disable the LED and the keyboard lights. its given me a much longer battery life as well. I can go for days w/o recharging. I talk no more than 60min per day on the phone but use the palm functions extensively.

    Good luck
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    There was a comparison review somewhere between the the battery life of the CDMA and GSM 650's. If I rembmer correctly, the results were nearly identical, the GSM edging out the CDMA by only a slight margin. That having been said, with my GSM 650, after a day of heavy usage (about an hour of phone usage, ChatterEmail in the background all day, about 20-25 emails sent, and 45-60 minutes of browsing the web, I still arive home in the evening with at least 30% battery life left and I'm talking about a long day, e.g. 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. In my experience, the battery on my 650 is far superior to the battery in my 600, though the 600 battery is a year and a half old now.

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