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    I had a pretty serious crash yesterday morning. My chatter was fine early on (6:00 - 7:00 am) then I got to work at 9:00 and found that all my preferences had been reset to default settings. And Chatter wouldn't connect at all. The system wouldn't recognize it as the default email program. I am running FULL version (Note: I was not even aware that my phone had crashed.)
    I logged into my fastmail from work and had 1 email from Shutterfly with LOTS of graphics. That's the only thing that came through my email this morning...
    Any ideas?

    p.s. All my programs are now trials again and I will have to reenter all registration information ... ack.
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    You need to restore your saved preferences file.
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    Some crashes cause you to loose that file. If you back up to an SD card restore that individual file or restore it from the backup on your desktop (assuming you haven't backed up since the crash)
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    Ack, that's bad. But dt is right - just restore your SavedPreferences database from a backup!

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    I have this happen every so often when I reset to upgrade Chatter. Any idea why this file gets lost? It is easy enough to fix, but quite a pain.
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    I believe it happens sometimes when there is an app that zlauncher loaded into ram from the sd card and hasn't been returned to the card. Be sure to exit an sd card app my predding the home button so that files are removed from ram. This is not the only cause for the loss of a saved preferences file but it is one.
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    Ok, great, thanks ... I will restore my saved preferences file. I had already done a hotsync but I have about 6 days worth of backups on my SD card so it isn't a big deal to recover it. Whew!
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    This same thing happened to me several times (I don't use zLauncher, so that's not it for me). It's nice to know that there's an easy recovery available.

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