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    Does Chatter work with Gmail? I am not sure I understand the whole fastmail to chatter thing.
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    As of yet, Gmail doesnt offer IMAP access so the answer is no. However, you can forward a copy of your gmail email to any account you wish (its in the preferences when you login to gmail). By forwarding it to an email that uses IMAP, you can then get your gmail via chatter.

    Most people probably do it like this.

    Gmail---->Fastmail (or fusemail or anything that uses IMAP)---->Chatter

    Search the threads for this. Its been discussed quite a bit. BTW-by forwarding your gmail and then having it go to an imap get notified almost instantly through chatter (instead of having to wait for your treo to 'download' the messages.)

    Good Luck
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    thanks so much....btw, what is IMAP anyway?
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    Here is your answer.

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