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    I recently bought The Bourne Supremacy and used a pocket divix encoder to convert the movie so that it can be played on my 650. I tried this with a sample first (the 1st 10min of the movie) and it worked fine. Then I deleted that chunk and encoded the entire movie.

    When I try to hotsync the movie (using the quick install), I keep getting an error saying that the memory card is full. It is a 512mb sandisk card and there are 291mb available space. The movie is around 200mb, yet every time, I get this error.

    Anybody else have this happen to them? what do I do?
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    dont hotsync. use a card reader to copy it directly to the sd card.
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    ^ my friend has one and it always erases all of his data - which makes me nervious. Plus I am leaving town (spring break here I come) and need it done quickly (aka, don't have time to get one).

    Are there any other alternatives??

    And thanks for the comments.
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    You might not have 200M of continuous space free, necessary to store the movie.

    Speaking of erasing all your data, try reformatting the card and installing the movie first.
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    Hot sync converts the movie and makes it larger..copy direct to SD with a reader
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    get card export2 demo from softick. IT will do it for you.

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