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    Does anyone have an opinion of comparing these two projects. I have already paid for missing sync, so I'm hoping its backup conduit is effective and useful.

    I know it won't let you backup to the sd card, but is that a huge drawback? Will it work for me if I need to hard reset and start from scratch (like I did last night?)

    Anyone used both in real world?

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    I installed Backup buddy both on the PC and the Palm. Only to find out that I could no loonger Hotsync. my info fromthe Palm desktop. It would hotsync. on a hit or miss and usually not at all. I liked the fact I was able to backup my Palm data botht on the PC and the SD card but the NO hotsync, the problem led me to unistall backup buddy.

    Even after I unistalled backup buddy from my PC and the Palm, for some reason there were some elements of B.B. that prevented me from Hotsync. My only recourse was to uninstall the Palm desktop and reinstall it.

    The only 2 issues are now when the PC boots up and loads the Hotsync. manager it is lookiing for the B.B. DLL , but cannot find the file and will skip over this .DLL. The second issue is when I hotsyn my info. the Treo-650 does a soft reset. No new software/apps. are being installed. My only thought is B.B. is someware in the Hotsync. and see remanants of this program. So I will be doing some long research on trying to remove this .DLL file out of the system.

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    BBvfs has not been able to do a complete restore for me. I use it in the 'advanced mode' to simply backup data (ie calendar, tasks, contacts, memos, splashid db, etc.). It is scheduled to perform this daily

    I rely on missing sync for the complete backup and restore.

    Now, if something happens between syncs, I don't lose any DATA.
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    Conversely, do not condemn BackupBuddy on the strength of one person's unfortunate experience!

    Sorry to hijack your thread, bigsmoke, but to CrusinG35 I would suggest reinstalling and then re-uninstaling BackupBuddy. If something got corrupted and/or left behind by an interrupted or incomplete install/remove the first time, that should clear it up. I can tell you that I've been using BB for years and have never had one moment's trouble with it.

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