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    Update, after 2 days since I restored with Botzam I get a soft resets after I hotsync. The log refers to a database error. I assume that something got corrupted after the restore. I did a hard reset and restored with TealBackup, with a back up I did the same time as Botzam before the test, and the resets have disappeared. No problems so far. I would cautiously give the # 1 position to TealBackup.
    Hi Fishnetb,

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, which I found doing a search. I'm considering getting TealBackup myself. I want to know what your current opinion is of TealBackup. Everything still okay? Still using it?

    Also, I've tested the trial version of TealBackup, and notice it takes a very loooooooong time to backup my entire Treo. It takes a long time to finish no matter what setting I use, such as compressed or not. Have you noticed this yourself? Maybe the extra time makes it that much more thorough...who knows?

    Any other current opinions of TealBackup from others also welcome.

    Also, I've been using a trial version of Resco Explorer, which also has a built in backup feature. I'm trying out Resco Explorer based on satisfied users from another different thread. Does anyone know if any problem might occur if I have 2 different backup programs working on my Treo 650 (TealBackup and Resco Explorer) ??

    Thanks, CC.
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    I have been using TealBackup for a month or so now. Everything is working great. I just had to do a hard reset and restored from the card. Only thing it did not do for me was reinstall Voice Dialer and put my favorite buttons back which neither is a big deal for me. I used backup buddy professional and the vfs version. I had nothing but problems when I tried to restore. Automated backups work perfectly as well. I hope this helps.
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