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    hey guys

    just got my sprint treo 650 today from which I upgraded to for BT support.

    I am trying to use an application called PhoneControl that controls the phone thru a PC (I have a PC installed in my truck)

    Phone control connects via a serial port connection. Once the connection is made thru the Belkin USB adapter, phone control can communicate with the phone thru the Serial Port - thats the way its supposed to work!

    My problem is, I cannot create a virtual com port that will connect with the Treo. I can hotsync with no problem via Bluetooth Serial, but if I got to Quick Connect --->Bluetooth Serial Port-->Find Devices from my Belkin BT Tray to try to create connection it gives a message "Service Bluetooth Serial Port is not found on device PalmOne"

    Is there anything that can be done, similiar to the DUN hack that makes it appear as an available service?

    Its hard to imagine that this $600 phone has less BT capability than my brothers Ericsson T616 that he got for FREE!!

    please help!!
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    I am having a similar problem, as my office computer (running Citrix) will not recognize a USB port, only serial. Problem is, there are no serial hotsync cables out there. It sounds like you got your computer to recognize the 650 through the serial port. How did you do that?
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    Im trying to create a virtual serial port using Bluetooth to use with the application.

    No cables.

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