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    Really random question, but I'm a whitewater kayaker forever looking at the river gages to review river levels -- this information is available on the web. I was wondering if there is any Palm OS program anyone knows of that captures the river gage information for a certain gage and posts it in real-time on a wireless palm like the T650 -- sort of like some of the weather forecast programs do.

    Again, I realize whitewater kayaking isn't something most people do, but has anyone become of a program like that? It would be incredibly valuable if so.
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    My brother is a pro kayaker, and judging by his friends I would say that a lot of serious kayakers either can't afford, or don't want such devices... Does the USGS site not work well on the Treo?

    Here is a link for Maine and New Hampshire stream flows
    ME and NH
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    Yeah, I'm not pro -- but it's a serious hobby. The USGS site works fine, but as you know, it's easier to have a program than to wait for a lengthy page to load. I posted this thinking there would be a 1% chance I'd find something...we'll see.

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