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    Hi guys. I owned a Treo 650 and lost it. Lock/Line (Sprint PCS's insurance company) sent me a replacement Treo 650 but when I went to charge it I noticed something way different. On my old Treo 650 the charger end was flat and silver; it was to be inserted into the Treo in a horizontal fashion. On this replacement there is no place to insert a charger of this type. On the bottom of this phone it looks like something completely different. When I do searches or chargers I run across both types, one thatís flat/rectangular/horizontal/silver tipped, and one that's some type that clipís to the phone instead or inserting. My question is at some time was the Treo 650 data/charger port changed, and if so do I have the older or newer version of the 650.***DATA/CHARGE PORT QUESTION***
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    The charger on with 650 that I got in Nov could be charged through the data connector by inserting the chager cable into it, or by inserting the charger cable directly into the phone. It also came with a short adapter cable that allows the standard barrel 1amp sprint charger to be used with the 650.

    If you have received something different then it must be new. But it is kind of hard to understand exatly what you are describing. To be fair mine make no sense either. When you can't see it... take a pic with your 650 and attach it to the thread.
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    O.K.....give me a few seconds..

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