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    Might be operator error but not sure... I have been using Versa Mail due to a lack of support from Snappermail. I have been told that the problem is on the Server end and not their software. I get the exact same response from my IMAP provider... So I get screw#d in the end. Anyways....

    I've tried chatter and it seems to be ok, but Versa Mail is in the ROM. My question is when ever sync my email messages with chatter it deletes/opens unread messages just like outlook would do on my desktop. Is there a way to make Versa Mail function that same way? I have it configured for IMAP but it acsts more like a POP account than IMAP. Read messages on the desktop client do not come across after an sync as read... stays unread... same thing with the deleted messages.

    Is it just me???? or is there a underlying flaw with versa mail.

    Any input would be appreciated!
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    Been working ok for me.
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    hmmm.... Maybe it's me. I'll try again.

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