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    Taken from the "what's new" file:

    New features in V-5.4a
    Reads and writes the PalmOne calendar database directly on Tungsten E, T3, T5, Treo650, Zire72, 31 devices running OS5.4, thereby avoiding performance penalties and bugs in PalmOne DataManager Patch. (If you are a power user that chose to disable the DataManager patch - see note below)
    Increases size of memo records and note fields to 32k on newer PalmOne devices (Tungsten E, T3, T5, Treo650, Zire72, 31).
    Increases number of timezones/locales available from 36 to 96
    Now supports up to four locales for each timezone and removes requirement that locales for a given timezone be contiguous in the WORLD TIMEZONES database. (Note: if you see lots of red X's for icons, most likely an invalid icon association got set - so just go into the Zones Tab of the main preference panel and make sure only valid icon associations are present).
    Improves error checking in the WORLD TIMEZONES database and provides more informative messages about syntax errors
    Adds support for vibration on Treo-600 controlled by system preference (Set DateBk5 vibration to on and then turn on/off with system profile, or preserve how it worked earlier by setting system preference for vibrate always on and then turn on and off with DateBk5 preference).
    Treo600: with ToDo's in full screen display, you can now move by day by pressing Option/Center to remove the focus from the split-screen. With the focus removed, left/right will now move to the prior/next day (displaying the ToDo's on that day). Press Rocker-Down with nothing selected, and the focus moves to the top item in split-screen and the four-way rocker now works as it has on previous releases (up/down moves selection up/down by item, left/right moves selection up/down by screen).
    Now compatible with the Pace Emulator on forthcoming OS/6 Cobalt devices. The format of links in the note field had to be extended to 8 hexadecimal digits to accommodate the new 32-bit Unique ID's. Older style links with 6 hexadecimal digits are also accommodated so no conversion is necessary).
    Adds support for Lefty in all note dialogs (Scroll bar is moved to left side of screen).
    Revised to properly display TSPatch fonts on devices with Japanese Rom's or using JOS.
    Uses the long date format in the Recent Date list in the Date picker so that four digit year and name of month is displayed.
    If synchronizing timezones with the Palm OS, DateBk5 now checks to see if the Palm OS timezone has changed and only updates the internal timezone if it has. This ensures that on exit and relaunch of Datebk5 that the current locale is always retained if the main timezone has not been changed (formerly, the first locale would always be selected even if the timezone had not changed in the Palm OS.

    Although the version number (V-5.4a) is the same as before, this version is "later than the p7/r1 releases," according to the website.

    Find it here:

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    Thanks for posting this - DateBk is my favorite app.
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