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    I lift weights and enjoy using pocket tunes and audible as my companion at the gym. I was wondering what excercise solutions people have tried and what have worked best for them?

    I am currently subscribed to Mens Health Workout and i LOVE their online interface. I use blazer to access it but it gets tedious. I was wondering what kind of solutions folks have tried out there. I need something simple with excercise howto/diagrams and a clean interface to enter results.

    thanks in advance
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    I have tried most and they have left me somewhat dissapointed, my favorite was Crosstrainer from and it included a desktop application worked fine on my Clie UX-50 but when I got my Treo650 I loaded it and it didnt seem to work...not sure what the problem was.

    Many of the others I have tried also do not support the 5 way navigation which is needed, the last thing i wanna do at the gym is be pulling out my stylus every few seconds to input data.

    If anybody else knows a good program that supports the 5 way I'd be interested also...

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