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    When I search for a calendar event with the Treo 650, a list comes up with the results, but no date is listed next to each of the retrieved words. I have to tap on each word in the list, which then takes me to the calendar and corresponding date. If it is not the right date, I have to initiate the search process all over again. If there are several similar search words, it is a very time consuming process. With the Treo 600, there is a calendar date after each word in the list which makes the search very easy. Am I missing something here with the 650? Thanks!
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    On my 650, I sometimes get the date & sometimes not. This sometimes happens even if I run the exact same search 2 times in a row?!?
    I agree that this is really annoying!
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    To the people that just installed the Sprint firmware update, does it fix this problem?
    Thanks in advance!

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