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    I have been looking for a reason to buy the 650 since Cingular released it, but everytime I come to this forum all I see are problems. I have owned the 300 and 600, but because of Sprint I switched back to two devices (hx4705 and v551). I know the 600 had issues and I worked through them with everyone else, but the problems the 600 had seem very minor to all the complaints I see here, just look at the board today. I know people that have no problems have no need to post, but the number of complaints here have kept me from buying it.

    My question is: Would you buy the 650 again knowing what you know today?
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    Twice over (like I did the first time, one for me, one for the Mrs.)
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    Yup. Not perfect, a few minor issues, but overall, I love it. Bottom line -- it does what I want, which is give me what I need in a PDA and what I need in a phone. Could be better (obviously), but the wealth of third-party software helps fill in most of the gaps. Probably the biggest gripe I have is the silly 32MB RAM, but PowerRUN helps me there.
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    (I do think there are plenty of people, the majority in fact, who are happy with their phone. I was really worried waiting for me to ship but it's been fine so far. A few resets but all because of monkeying around with different software installs. Ultimately I have a stable usable and yes very cool phone/pda in a nice little package that incredibly convient. Worth the money.)
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    Buy the 650 all over again?


    My needs were established by the 600.

    Here were my 600 gripes:
    1. Screen
    2. Too slow
    3. Buttons cramped
    4. GPRS was sluggish (no EDGE)
    5. Not as easy to sync to Outlook as I thought
    6. Camera was crappy

    So, if you were happy with a 600 then you'll be more than happy with the 650. To help you better, tell us exactly what you want to do. That way, perhaps we can work thru the potential problems. That's something I would have asked and fortunately I've worked out my bugs with the 650 like the 600. They are the same amount if you ask me.
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    yup! For schizzell!
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    Unless someone gave it to me instead.
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    I'd even sit through the road show again!!
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    In a heartbeat
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    For sure I would buy it again. Knowing that the 650 which at the time was called the " 610 " was coming out, I waited for 6 months to get my 650. The wow factor of seeing a 600 in use almost made me buy one but I just knew as soon as the rumors started about the 650, I would wait. I am so glad I did. Despite its overall problems that have been stated, I feel very lucky that my 650 works exceptionally well. And....I would even go through the initial couple of issues and headaches I had, making my 650 work like it does today. In a weird way, I had fun dealing with my 650 issues that would make others not buy it again.
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    Of course. I have my own complaints, but even with my complaints it is still a step up from the 600.
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    No Doubt!

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    I'm still within the return period so I could get rid of the phone if I wanted to, but I'm keeping it because I am pleased with the overall functionality of the device. Actually I am amazed by everything this device does for me - pda, phone & ipod all in one unit. I believe many of the issues mentioned in this forum are caused by third party apps, which is unfortunate for those who are experiencing these issues, since they may have purchased their treo because of all the addon software the palm os allows. I've only installed ptunes, voicedialer and treoalarm, so maybe thats why i don't get resets, etc.
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    I'm very pleased with the Treo 650 and think it's far superior to the Treo 600.
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    Yes and yes (two in my household and I am speaking for my wife)

    The problems mentioned on this board are overblown.
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    An enthusiastic YES!! Any problems have been minor and usually self inflicted.
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    Definitely! Even if I didn't get the Viennachannels discount!
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