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    Just letting everyone know how I just did.

    I went to my local Sprint store. I was signing up as a new customer 2 phones - so I went with the lowest family plan with data and insurance on both. Total plan comes out to like 100$ a monht.

    But this is what I wanted to tell you - when I asked the guy what he could do about the phone price he said the lowest he could do was 450$ with the activation. I knew this was BS cause I had done plenty of research (much thanks to this board for their help) and basically said they would have to do better then that. He asked what price I had in mind and I told him 320$. He went to his manager and said "I don't know where you saw that price but we can't go lower then 450$ each"

    This is when I pulled out print outs of the "store" from and both with the 319$ price. You shoulda seen the guys face flush red. So he went back to his manager and came back and met our price. But not only met it - but gave us instant rebates. No mail in hassle.

    So the point of my story is for people looking to make a purchase in the future - make sure you print out the lowest price you can find and chances are you can get them to meet the price.

    Now it's just a matter ofr Sprints service in my area - but I really hope it's fine cause I would hate to have to t\take them back.
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    I doubt that's going to work too many times. Good luck though to whoever tries it next.
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    Yeah I was suprised how quickly and easily they caved. I expected normal negotiations and perhaps me making like I was gonna leave.

    But it's worth a try for those that are in the situation.

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