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    I just don't get it....over on the treonauts site, the editor just gave a glowing review to a new bluetooth headset that Palmone will be selling shortly. I went to the Palmone site and found out that the headset does not support hands free dialing using the voice dialing software that comes on the cd for the Treo 650. I don't understand. In my opinion, one of the biggest benefits of a bluetooth device is to use it for handsfree dialing, yet Palmone decides to sell a new device that DOES NOT SUPPORT voicedialing on the 650?

    I know that this is early, but does anyone know if a firmware update can solve this issue? I imagine that the issue is that the phone needs to be "waked up" in order to do voice dialing....does anyone know if a solution either exists now, or whether or not there is a possibility that this issue can be resolved in a firmware update? If voice dialing cannot be accomplished, then I have no reason to purchase a bluetooth headset.

    Thank you.
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    According to the developers of the Voice Dialing Software, it is a firmware/software issue with the hopefully a firmware update will fix it in the does seem silly how Bluetooth is a big feature for the 650 but is a half-baked implementation...
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    Agreed. I think that's why they didn't just "add bluetooth" to the 600 when everybody was clamoring for it. They should have spent a lot more time getting it right, though.

    I have voicedialing on the car (the Acura TL) and it works just fine with the Treo 650. However, the voice recognition is done by the car, not by the phone.

    (It has other issues - namely that you can't choose to turn off the connection between the phone and the car; if the car is on and bluetooth is on, the two will connect. This means I can never use my headset or bluetooth GPS in the car. That's kind of painful.)

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