this is just an idea and would have to be implemented on the carrier side of thing but i think its a cool idea: what if you could change your VM with a few taps of the screen. I dotn knwo about othe people but often i need to let somoen knwo what im doing. FOr instance in an IM client you can type "meeting" or "shower" or "traveling \, may experience signal loss" or "getting my jiggy on, goaway". Its a pain to have to change your VM. What if it was available to just go into say Phone-> options then select from a few diff msgs. Maybe you coudl record it then and the phoen uplaod it to your profile or maybe have 5 prerecorded on the server and the phone tell the service wich to use. I dotn imagin it being that hard to set up, call forwarding i belive works in a simalar fasion. mwhat do u guys think?