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    I got my Treo 650 2 days ago and love the changes...

    Before I decide to keep the unit, I'd like to resolve a few issues which I hope this forum can help me with.

    Whenever I make a call, my friends complain that they hear an echo whenever they talk. On my end, it sounds fine, on theirs it doesn't.

    Also, when I use the speakerphone, they complain that it sounds like i'm pulling the phone away from me and then back....etc...

    Also, the echo sound is more noticable when using the wired headset.

    I have a cingular Treo 650.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I have the echo issue on my two week old never locked 650. The echo is reduced when the volume is reduced. But when the echo is gone the volume is too low to listen.

    I await my replacement unit. I am concerned as I phoned on Monday and have not yet received a confirming e-mail. Perhaps I will be returning everything and waiting a couple of months until the firmware is fixed up.

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