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    Anyone tried these? They have it for the 650 now.

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    They are FUGLY and a BAD concept. Basically colored (and shiny) scotch tape.
    Don't say I didn't warn you.
    I have detailed files.
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    They are also VERY difficult to apply. They don't cover the most important, high-impact parts of the Treo. I seriously am sick of cases, skins, etc. that leave the corners of the Treo exposed! There are the areas that will most likely hit when dropped! Come on people!
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    aka Pimp My Treo. Anyone have pics of a Treo with these things on it? I'm thinkin it's gonna look pretty ghetto.
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    There is another company that does this as well... They have the Treo 600 and the 650 listed under the Handspring category though, but its too pricey for my tastes for something that is only cosmetic.

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    akin to slapping a "Neuspeed" sticker on a Porsche

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