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    I'm looking into buying a Treo 650 (to replace my cell phone and my Clie UX-50), but I need to be able to input and read Japanese on it. (I have a lot of Japanese contact info to keep track of...)

    I was wondering if anyone with the 650 had installed J-OS for Treo, and how it worked out for them. Any problems with inputting contacts, or using the notepad? I know that the creator says on his own page that the web browser packaged with the Treo won't display Japanese, so I'm also wondering if people have found a browser that can display Japanese.

    Sorry for the newbie-ish question, but I did a search and couldn't find anything on the forums matching what I'm looking for. ^_^;

    Thank you very much! ^_^
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    CJKOS, works great, showes major east Asian languages (Chineses, Japanese and Korean).

    If you need more informaiton, send me a Private Message.

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