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    Just curious for those who have ordered the AT&T locked version of the 650 from Cingular/ATTWS... how is it branded, and what color scheme does it use?

    Is it branded as AT&T, and if so, is it the blue color scheme (like cingular), or is it the gray color scheme (like palmone unlocked)? Or is it branded as cingular (blue color scheme) but just locked to AT&T? Or is it branded as palmone (gray) and locked to AT&T?

    Please let me know, thanks!!!
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    Blue color scheme, just says Treo on the right hand side, does not say Cingular or Palmone on the left. Startup and shutdown screens are Cingular's
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    Mine does have the Cingular brand in upper left with blue face place. I like the sprint black one better.
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    Mine is like scottymomo's.
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    Thanks for the replies guys--I was hoping it would be the unlocked Palmone grey scheme which I like better. Too bad it costs $699!!! I assume there's no way of getting a hold of the grey palmone housing...
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    Mine is also like scottymomo's

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