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    I have a question. What does putting the card in the expansion slot? I am thinking it does a soft reset. And secondly, does your Palm T600 'beep' when the card is installed?

    The reason that I want to know is that my T600 does not 'beep' when I put in, or take out the card. And I have been having alot of problems with the cards. So I am thinking that it does not recognize when the cards are put in or taken out. Now, if it does a soft reset when this happens, then my T600 may not be doing that. So, I may have to do it manually.

    I will give you an example. If I put a card in with some music on it, then if I add music via a card reader, the next time I put the card in it does not "see" the new music. I have noticed that if I do a soft reset after installing the card, this corrects the problem .... sometimes?

    Thanks for the info.
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    It should not soft reset. It sounds like you may need to re-format the card.

    It has been a while since I used my 600 but I am pretty sure that if you are not running any 3rd party applications and insert the SD card it should launch the Card Info application and beep (ascedning tone). Removing the card results in a beep also (descending tone).
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    Well, I do not get any beeps and the Card Info is not launched. What suggestions do members have.
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    If you put in a card, and there is no beep, then you launch CardInfo, what happens?
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    It does not see the changes recently made to the card.
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    Oh ... by the way I am using a Lexar High-Speed 32X 1GB SD Card. I have also used a Sandisk SD card with the same results, both a 256 and a 1GB.

    But ... as long as I soft reset the system right after inserting the SD card, then I have no problems.

    Is it okay to soft reset the system often, what if any information do you lose?
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    When the card is inserted there should be a tone and the launcher should display the applications on the card only if you're actually in the launcher. When the card is removed there is a tone. Of course you will only hear the tone as long as sounds aren't completely off or system sounds isn't turned off in Prefs -> General.

    You shouldn't lose any information if you perform a soft reset.
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    Nope ... when card is removed, or inserted there is no tone and the launcher does not go to card. Sounds in pref - general set to medium. Sound switch is set to on.

    In all fairness there are no applications on the card, so maybe there is no reason to initiate the launcher. I will install an app and see if the same things happen. But still no 'beep' when card goes in or out?
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    If ya want to play around to see what's going on, you can use Palm Internals (mdtn download section) to display what apps are registered for notification of certain OS events. There should be a few entries under CDRI (card in) and CRDO (card out).

    You can also install Palm Puke (which allows you to change the sounds for inserting and removing a card). Enable it, pop the card in and out. If it makes moise, then the OS is in fact sending in/out events.

    Maybe you can tell us what is registered for crdi/crdo and we can see if it looks similar to what we have.

    Maybe useless, but additional data could be helpful if you are up for playing around some.
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    The Palm should beep when the card is inserted and removed no matter what is on it. I think the earlier suggestion that you reformat it is a wise thing to try. And I'd make sure you reformat it in the Treo and then copy files using your card reader, rather than format it from your PC in the card reader. The Palm OS might add different file structures to the card when formatting that the PC doesn't. This might not be so, but I think it's a good thing to try before you consider your Treo's card reader defective.
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    Well, the reader is not defective. I can add files to the card and delete files and run programs from the card. It is just that the Treo does not recognize when a card goes in or out. The down side is that if I take the card out and add a file in the writer/reader on my PC and then put it back into the Treo, it does not check to see what is on this card. Or, if I take out one card and put in another card with different information (without a soft reset) the Treo still thinks it has the other card in it.

    There isn't a preference to tell the Treo to do something upon cardin or cardout is there?

    I do not think it is the card. I have three SD cards and it does it for all of them. Two of them were formatted with the Treo.

    Robbal ... what do you want me to check ??? please explain.
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    That is so strange. It looks like nobody is getting (or acting on) the insert and eject events (crdi and crdo, methinks). No, no preference to tell the Treo what to do. Have ya tried to format the card in the Treo? That sounds like the best suggestion

    crdi and crdo are the events for card insertion and removal, they are sent PRIOR to the volume being mounted. These are the events that an application would register to PREVENT the default action from being performed when the card is inserted (most applications register volm - volume mounted). Just thought you could use Palm Internals to see if maybe there was either nothing registered for those events (crdi and crdo), or something "strange" registered for those events (like a prog that you installed and removed...).

    you should expect to see SdioSpiOmap registered for each (I have that registered at 2 diff callback addrs for each on my 600). I also have something registered by just a call back addr, so I don't know what that is.... Anyway, this is all prolly a bit of work that may ultimately be unenlightening, so ya may well not bother. If it were my Treo, curiosity would get the better of me, and I'd NEED to check it out (I'm sick that way)
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    Mine always beeps when the card goes in or out. Did you do an "info" under applications when your card was in? You should have the choice of "phone" or "card". If you don't have a "card" choice, your treo is not recognizing the card. Maybe it's defective. How long have you had the treo/card?
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    I have had the T600 for two months. The card slot works fine, but you have to do something to tell the Treo to look for the information again, like a soft reset, because the Treo is not recognizing the card going in and out. For example, if I use card info, it shows the old information, but if I launch FileZ and have it look at the card it reads it right, I guess because it checks again. Then if I go back to card info, now it has the right information.

    I am guessing, becuase the Treo does not recogize the card went out, it is just displaying the old information. But, when the FileZ program, or the soft reset, MAKES the Treo look again, it gets the new information. It is a bit of a hassle in some situations and I would like to fix it if possible.
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    If there isn't a application intercepting the card insert and eject events, then I would have to say that you have a hardware problem and should have the Treo replaced. I think doing what robbalazs suggests would be a good thing to do to make sure nothing is wrong with the applications registered to handle the card events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdambros
    I have had the T600 for two months. The card slot works fine, but you have to do something to tell the Treo to look for the information again, like a soft reset, because the Treo is not recognizing the card going in and out.
    You shouldn't need to, it should recognize it. I think you have a defective Treo, get it replaced while you can.
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    Yeh ... I agree it is a hardware problem. But replacement is a bit of a crap shoot. I could be exchanging an otherwise working Treo, with a known problem that can be worked around. With another Treo, with an unknown problem with no way to work around it. Oh well, think I will just wait until the next thing goes wrong, or a little bit before my warranty is out to get the replacement.

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