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    I am having some issues with lightwav. I just bought it through Handigo, so it should be the recent one. (i have a treo 600 through Verizon)

    What is happening is i have mp3's on my treo card that are not playing as ringtones. I went to my (treo) preferences manager and took a look at the sounds which it is currently playing and there is no option to silent them so the actual lightwave can play. Any ideas? I think because the treo is still playing them, they will play instead of the Lightwav/mp3's.

    Also I cant get photos to work. When i use the profile portion of lightwav and click the photo button, it shows sms directory and i dont see any photos. (and no option to change directorys to find my photos. How do i get them there? like the ones i have on my phone itself from my pics ive taken with my camera
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    I believe LightWav's prefs include an option to install a silent.mid file, which would then appear in the drop-down list of the Treo prefs (sound, I think). Have you tried that?

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