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    For several days in a row, my 650 will not wakeup when the red phone key is pressed after leaving it in sleep mode overnight. The only way to restore the unit is to remove the battery. It is a GSM phone on Cingular.

    BTW I have been following numerous threads and feel very frustrated with QC from Palm. this is my second unit. The first one failed after 2 days when all menu buttones and 5 way keys went dead.

    I do not have the defective SIM card so that is not the problem.

    I do not have much third party software other than a POP VersaMail account (auto sync disabled). I use Keysuite for synchronizing Outlook folders without any problems.

    Any suggestions gratefully appreciated!
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    Check your signal strength and try putting it in a different location.
    I had the same problem with the Sprint unit and found it was directly related to signal strength.
    If I put the phone on my nightstand, it would never wake up.
    But if I left it at the office overnight it was fine.

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    I deliberately turned the phone off to save battery power, for the very reason you mentioned. I also disabled bluetooth to make sure that was not drawing current.

    Still searching for why it won't respond. During the day, the response is excellent and allother functions work normally.
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    Sounds like your phone is possessed. My sincere advice would be an exorcism.
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    I have a similar problem on a CDMA model. My phone will enter sleep mode, then will respond VERY sporadically to my attempts to "wake" it by pressing the red phone button. Sometimes it'll respond instantly, sometimes it'll respond with a 2 or three second delay, sometimes it's more like 15 seconds. The problem seems to go away for a little while if I take the battery out and reinstall it.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. It sounds like it'd be a minor inconvenience, but sometimes I can't receive incoming calls becuase the phone "wakes" too late or not at all.

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