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    I am using mnotes V 3.0.3 Buildt 84 to sync my calendar/contacts with Lotus Notes 6.5.

    Unfortunately the contacts/calendar entries get synced only in one direction (notes ->palm).

    This is when using the replication setting "normal" and "reset".

    Does anybody have the Version 3.0.3. working like it should with the Treo 650? Or do you have a clue what I could try? I already tried A LOT!!!!

    Or any news on Easy Sync Pro?
    Business Case for the Treo 650?
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    There is a newer version of Mnotes. I am running Mnotes v3.0.6 with Lotus Notes 6.5. I currently have no problems. I would recommend uninstalling Mnotes from your Treo 650 and your computer. Download the newer version and reinstall. I remember having a similar issue with Mnotes initially. It was related to a corrupt Mnotes file on the Treo 650. Reinstalling the software should correct it.

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