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    I have an unlocked Treo 650 on Cingular in NJ. It takes forever when it starts up (which is often with all the soft resets) to find the Cingular network. Much longer than my Moto V551. What is strange is that I was in Canada, near Clagary, skiing about 2 weeks ago and it found Rogers Wireless very quickly.

    Anyone know what is going on here?

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    Interesting. I'm in Canada on Rogers with an unlocked 650 and I found it takes a while to find a network as well. I'd love to know what its doing during this extended period.

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    Same for me on T-mo in San Diego - everytime I go home I go down into the parking garage and the Treo loses the provider - when I drive out it takes several blocks before it re-aquires a signal. My old phone was usable right after I left the garage.
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    I live in NYC and am on cingular with a 650 and it tkes forever for me too...
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    This may help you. In the phone application, go to "select network" in the menu. On the screen that comes up, select "850/1900" from the drop-down menu for Search Bands (default is "Auto"). This seems to speed up network selection for me.
    Only thing is that you have to remember to go back and change to "900/1800" or "automatic" if you are traveling outside the US or anywhere that you need to use 900/1800.
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    how do you do this on a cingular 650? don't see the select network on the menu in the phone app!

    Am i missing something?
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    It should be under the "options" section, just above "phone lock" and just below "call barring". At least that's where it is on my unlocked 650. Maybe Cingular crippled this on their version of the 650?!?
    I just got back from traveling abroad, and was using a provider that uses the 900 band (AIS in Thailand). It was taking forever to find the AIS signal, but when I switched to 900/1800 the Treo would find the signal almost instantly.
    I think there is also a ## code that can be used to force the Treo onto 850/1900 if Cingular has removed "select network" from the phone app, but I can't remember it right now. Can anyone help out?
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    i don't see that either. maybe is only on cingular branded phones?!! i have an unlocked version
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    Cingular branded phones have network selection disabled.

    When you say it takes "forever" to find the Cingular network, how long is forever? I use a Cingular branded phone which has been unlocked on Cingular's network and it never takes more than about 15-20 seconds to connect to Cingular's netowrk. I use it regularly in Houston. Also used it in Dallas, Austin, Corpus Chrisiti, Denver, San Diego and New York and I've never had a problem connecting to the network. Finally, a problem that doesn't plague my phone.

    With respect to the crippled network selection, does anyone know if it's disabled in the ROM, or if it's the cingular SIM that prevents the 650 from displaying that option? I haven't tried another SIM card in the phone yet. I suspect the former.
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    Oddly enough, the "select network" option is only available while the phone is off, and then it says, "the phone must be on for at least 30 seconds to access this menu."

    Go figure...

    My phone is locked to Cingular.
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    When I turn the radio off on my Cingular branded 650 I do not get the "select network" option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by creighton
    When I turn the radio off on my Cingular branded 650 I do not get the "select network" option.
    I only get it if a leave the phone app and return - and even then it doesn't do anything, as I noted above.

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