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    I don't know what happened but before when I opened an email that had website links in it I just tapped on them and my phone went straight to the website from versamail,but now for some reason when I tap on a link in an email it does nothing so I have to copy/paste the link manually in blazer..Does anyone now the reason/cause for this,thanx in advance!!
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    Go to your preference and chose blazer as the default browser even if it's already set. Also check in versamails pref if it can pick which brower to launch for links. I know this can be done on Snappermail. I've since removed Versamail from my phone so I can't verify if versamail has the same option.
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    thanx that fixed the problem...i tell u it seems that every week i have a diiferent problem w/ versamail.....this app would be good if it didnt suck so bad!!

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