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    richiekess, I am guessing you are talking to me

    Date mate 2004 is an application that crased my Treo a dozen times when I first got it. I thought my Treo was junk, come to find out after deleting Date mate I cut out half of my daily resets. Heres date mate---> click I emaild them and they reported fatal freezes and crashes with treo 650.

    You can get rid of docs2go corrupt saved preferences by downloading the dataviz tool and while in the dataviz tool go menu, advanced options, delete preferences.

    Or If you wish to delete all saved preferences (which I have done instead of doing a hard reset and it has always too care of problems) you find it in your handhelds RAM with a file manager like FileZ. But make a copy of saved preferences from your back up folder go right click start on the desktop, explore, program files, palm one, your hot sync name, back up then drag and drop "saved preferences to the desktop. This is incase deleting saved preferences dosent solve your problem, cause when you delete if you handheld creates a new one and you have to then configure all you applications and put in all you registration codes then when you sync the new desktop saved preferences overwrite the saved preferences in the back, so if that wasent your problem you would want to be able to doubleclick that saved preference file on the desk to to save yourself all that work.
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    Thanks James!
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