I have owned 4 different palms over the years. From a 512k then 1mb pilot from usrobotics then a 1mb from 3com (quickly returned) I went to a 3c then a visor. It has still been 4 years since I last used a palm. Some of my PPC favs are on the palm as well (mapopolis and lemonade tycoon) and one of my fav pc apps has been ported to the palm (scummvm)

I was INTENSELY interested to see how this would all come through. I have now had my 650 for 6 hours and have had ONE reset on me (100% the fault of scummvm in my opinion. they dont claim to be compatible with the treo or even the other late palm models.)

Other than this one reset my experiance is 100% so far (aside from sprint not provisioning my internet service- and I've been assured by a level 2 tech after just 5 minutes on the phone that it will fix itself at midnight)

I will post back here often about what works and what doesnt work and what fixes I can find. Anyone who doesnt like this thread please just ignore it. I know I would have liked seeing it before i purchased but didnt see anything like it. mostly just gloom and doom messages

currently installed:
bejeweled2 demo
clean uninstaller trial
lemonade tycoon lowres full
mapopolis full with 2 maps on sd card - no issues yet
scummvm (runs games perfectly at good speed - small with poor sound)
sim city 1.7

I have used the games for at least 30 minutes each. the uninstaller did so quickly with no apparent issues. mapopolis did a great turn by turn route for me in < 2 seconds across 20 miles of las vegas roads